Tech Ticket FAQ

How do I earn Tech Tickets?

Complete the weekly Tech Tuesday to earn one tech ticket. You can earn additional tech tickets by completing Blue & Gold Boosters.

What can I do with Tech Tickets?

Tech tickets can be redeemed for monthly prize drawings. Tickets are distributed at the end of each month. You can use your tech tickets for the current monthly drawing or you can save them for future drawings.

How do I redeem tech tickets?

Complete the Google Form linked to a prize to redeem your tech tickets. Prizes can be found on the home page.

When can I redeem my tech tickets?

Each month you have one week after tickets are distributed to enter the monthly drawings. Links to prize forms are on the home page.

When is the last raffle drawing?

The Best of Blue & Gold runs through the end of April. The last monthly drawing (April) will take place the first week of May.

What should I do with the C stickers on my tech tickets?

Stick them anywhere you want to show your Copley pride! Put them on your coffee mug or your laptop or stick one on your shirt to show everyone that you are the Best of Blue & Gold!