Past Tech Tuesdays

Miss a Tech Tuesday? No problem! Here you can view all of the past Tech Tuesdays and see what you missed. *To be entered into the weekly drawings you must complete the Tech Tuesday by the end of the day on the following Monday.

Nov 1- Instructional: Frayer Word Cards, Productivity: Never Miss a Meeting

Nov 8 - Assess Yourself - BBG Pre-Assessment

Nov 15 - Instructional: Let's Hear It, Productivity: Where Did that Tab Go?

Nov 22 - Copley Pride Gimkit

Dec 6 - Instructional: Self-Reported Grades, Productivity: Daily Calendar Email

Dec 13 - Instructional: Concept Maps, Productivity: Extracting Text

Dec 20 - Student Achievement Factors Gimkit

Jan 10 - Instructional: Differentiated Instruction Tracker, Productivity: Google Calendar Meeting Notes

Jan 17 - Instructional: Study Skills, Productivity: Pageless Docs

Jan 24 - Instructional: Peer Assessment/Critical Thinking, Productivity: Chrome Action Chips

Jan 31 - Tech Trivia Gimkit

Feb 7 - Instructional: Reciprocal Teaching, Productivity: Scheduling Emails

Feb 14 - Instructional: Metacognition Strategies, Productivity: YouTube Captions/Translations

Feb 21 - Instructional: Prior Ability with Cloze Reading, Productivity: Google Docs Dropdowns

Feb 28 - CFCS Trivia Gimkit

Mar 7 - Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Mar 14 - Instructional: Jigsaw Method, Productivity: Drive Shortcuts

Mar 21 - Instructional: Anticipation Guides, Productivity: Gmail Layouts

Mar 28 - Spring Trivia Gimkit

Apr 11 - Instructional: The A-Z Of, Productivity: Gmail Templates

Apr 18 - BBG Post-Assessment

Apr 25 - Educator Trivia Gimkit

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